Take Charge of Your Business Life

Creating ongoing success in business can be challenging, stressful, even lonely at times. The constant pressure can take its toll on the most experienced leader. However, it doesn't have to be like this. We can help you to change that reality.

What We Do

We work with CEOs, entrepreneurs and executives who want to change and transform their business life. Our unique one-on-one support is for you who:

 Need more clarity, focus and balance in your daily business life.

 Have achieved some success, but still feel a bit unfulfilled at a deeper level.

 Seek an entrepreneurial breakthrough with exponential business growth.

Feel stuck, stressed, or overwhelmed and need a personal boost and turnaround.

Need a speaking partner who you can trust and be completely open with.

The Process

Our process is a unique blend of Advising-Coaching-Consulting-Mentoring. We will support you in your daily life through regular Skype sessions. It is, of course, strictly private and confidential. When you work with us, we will be your:

Challenger who highlights blind spots you don't see yourself.
Collaborator you can bounce ideas, goals and strategies with.
Confidant you can share challenges, stress and frustrations with.
Consultant who helps you create desired business results.
Catalyst who elevates your energy, confidence and creativity. 

The Areas

The following are typical areas we usually discuss and develop together.

  • Strategy: Define, commit and get focused on your business strategies.
  • Leadership: Take your team to a new level of performance. Lead in a simpler, smoother, smarter way.
  • Company Culture: Build a business in line with your purpose, values and vision.
  • Communication: Master the art of negotiation, communication and persuasion.
  • Business Growth: Make your business exponentially more productive, profitable and competitive.
  • Decision Making: Handle and break out of gridlocks, fear and ineffective decision making.
  • Productivity: Take charge of your overwhelming schedule of tasks, priorities and commitments.
  • Executive Team: Optimize collaboration, performance and results of your senior executive team.
  • Sales Management: Ensure optimization of sales strategies and performance - from 'contact to contract'.
  • Self Management: Manage frustrations, pressure, stress through clarity, focus and mental strength.

The Feedback

"I feel fortunate to have found Henrik Essen. He has made a huge change in me. I encourage you to talk to him. You will feel the magic." Raja Hussain, CEO

"Henrik has been my personal advisor for some time now. His method is unorthodox and the truth he brings is a splash of cold flavored water; you just want more of it." Gen Millare, CEO

"Henrik Essen is a great CEO advisor. Every CEO should have an advisor and Henrik is the man to talk with." Kristian Aartun, Chairman & Entrepreneur

"It has been a truly beneficial experience working with Henrik and his methodical approach. His powerful tools are very practical and effective in enhancing the performance of business life." David Liang, Managing Director

The Business

Essen & Essen is a family-owned boutique consultancy. Having worked with CEOs, leaders and executives in over 120 countries we aim to be your trusted partner in important changes and development projects.

The Next Step

Let's discuss how you can take your business and professional life to new heights. Connect with Henrik Essen on LinkedIn and let's talk.