About Us

Essen & Essen is a family-owned boutique consultancy with interest and ownership in various businesses. Together with our partners and associates we support SMBs, startups and organizations in their quest for exponential change, growth and transformation. 

We also advise and consult with professionals on a private, one-on-one basis.

Henrik Essen, founder, has over 30 years of experience in the business and personal growth industry. He has consulted with leaders in 120+ countries and done over 25,000 one-on-one sessions. Yes, that many sessions, but he stopped counting a few years ago.

He has also co-founded a number of businesses in Europe and South East Asia. Connect with Henrik on LinkedIn. There you will find over 60 Recommendations. www.linkedin.com/in/henrikessen 

Sofia Essen is Henrik's daughter and business partner. She is the controlling factor and organizer that keeps the company's collective feet on the ground. She is also a Personal Coach to women who want to take charge of their career and life.

Having spent her life on the move, she's an expert on change and the upheavals that can come with it. She's here to help our clients navigate on their journey of personal change.

What People Say

"I feel fortunate to have found Henrik Essen. He has made a huge change in me. I encourage you to talk to him. You will feel the magic." Raja Hussain, CEO

"Henrik is an expert feedback and sparring partner, exactly what a CEO needs who rarely has peers around him to bounce off ideas and challenge his thinking." Daniel Jordi, CEO

"Henrik has been my personal advisor for some time now. His method is unorthodox and the truth he brings is a splash of cold flavored water; you just want more of it." Gen Millare, CEO

"Henrik Essen is a great CEO advisor. I give him my best recommendations. Every CEO should have an advisor and Henrik Essen is the man to talk with." Kristian Aartun, Chairman & Entrepreneur

"It has been a truly beneficial experience working with Henrik and his methodical approach. His powerful tools are very practical and effective in enhancing the performance of business life." David Liang, Managing Director